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We can all agree that personal time around the dinner table has been nearly lost in today's demanding life styles. Whether it be soccer moms running everywhere with their kids, corporate couples who come home late and order out, families that starve for time together thus sacrificing a decent meal and turning to fast food joints, or seniors looking to retire their kitchen duties, everyone has reasons to not cook and sit down together for a meal - that is where we step in!


Our goal is to give back these and plenty of other time starved folks the freedom of delicious yet nutritious meals right in their home with quality time on their hands. No more fast food, no more preservative laced TV dinners, no more uninspired meals at the local family chain restaurant, and definitely no more old boring pizza.

It would be our pleasure to custom make the dinners people really desire for their life style. Want a sensible dinner without worrying about the hidden chemicals behind food preservation? How about focusing on low fat options or even low cholesterol entrees? Don't care either way and want just real great tasting food from different regions of the globe? Your answer...The Dinner Maker.

Chef Jav's professional career started 10 years ago as a software engineer in Cambridge, Ma working at a small firm. Then an inner calling drove him to the culinary world where he knew he belonged all along. Jav attended Johnson & Wales University, where he graduated with honors, received the Silver Key award and was inducted into the Alpha Beta Kappa society as a result of his diligent work ethics.


Since then he has grown in the culinary world by working in some prestigious kitchens, such as the Top of the Hub and The Harvard Club of Boston. Honing down his skills only came natural to him since his passion for food was the driving force. At the Top of the Hub, jav was assistant Banquet Chef and then became Sous chef in the restaurant creating innovative dishes and winning praise and respective gesture from his co-workers and guests. In addition he has participated in the ACF Junior culinary competitions back in 2001 where his team took home the silver medal.


As a way of reaching out to people and wanting to see them enjoy better wholesome food at home he decided to come full circle and venture into the world of becoming a personal chef. His goal is to bring back the quality of time and life to those who have lost it to either take out ordering, dining out, and unexciting dinner quests at home. Aware of the desire that people have for the freedom from slaving in the kitchen, improving their eating habits and wanting more family time, he came up with The Dinner Maker!


Chef Jav is a proud member of the American Personal & Private Chefs Association (APPCA) and the American Culinary Federation (ACF). He is also Serve-Safe certified which enables him to assure his clients that food safety is never overlooked.

In addition, chef Jav is a certified fitness instructor, through Body Training systems (BTS), currently teaching at Global Fitness Centers in Leominster & Fitchburg, MA as well as Golds Gym in Worcester, MA. Please email for more info. Food & Fitness...what more can you ask for!


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